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Are you interested in offering your property for film or photo shooting? Whether it is a cozy little bungalow, a démodé and aged flat, a ruined and abandoned villa, an old-fashioned shop or an obscure garage, I am always seeking for unique locations that can stimulate and realize the creative vision of a director.

Each story and each character has its own peculiarities. The right location helps to contextualize and develop them and it can also be a character in itself, an intrinsic agent that moves facts and actions. As imagination has no limit it can be many many things. It can be cruel, mysterious, wild, dramatic, modest, magnificent, opulent, humble, peaceful, devastated, decadent, polished, classic, eclectic, minimal, pop, futuristic… any place is possible as long as it is believable and workable.


If you think your property can be of any interest, let’s contact me. I am looking forward to seeing your proposals!


Please send an email with address, information and photos of your property along with your contacts.

You will be contacted to set an appointment for an inspection and photoshoot in order to list your property.

​Photoshoot and listing are free.

Should your property receive a request from a Production Company and should the economic, temporal and logistic terms be accepted by you, a Short-term Agreement will be stipulated between the Production Company and the Owner/Property, in order to define all the limits and the peculiarities of the case and to insure you against any damage caused during filming.

*Please note that each photo will be watermarked to prevent use by third parties and will be identified with a code number to protect your privacy.

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